I want to make everyone aware of their need to have a mammogram done. It could save your life.

Daphne Ben, Bronson Employee

Daphne Ben

Wow, what a difference a day makes. I finally decided to get my whole body checked out from head to toe. Annual physical, scheduled my mammogram and colonoscopy (ugh)!  What exciting week for me with the Mammogram on Thursday followed by a Colonoscopy on Friday.

It had been some years since I had my last Mammogram; I was not looking forward to it. Needless to say I had a pleasant surprise; it was not as bad as I remembered. Thank goodness for new technology, 3D Tomosynthesis.  However, during the mammogram the physician spotted something and wanted me to do an ultrasound.  It was nice that I didn’t have to make another visit.  I was just moved to the Ultrasound room.

Dr. Jacobs recommended a breast biopsy. A staff member set me up for a biopsy for that next week. Yep, I was a bit scared. First of all, I hate needles; yes that was my only thought at that time. I arrived for the biopsy procedure and everyone was great. It wasn’t as scary as I thought especially when I had everyone in the room singing to me for distraction, yes even Dr. Jacobs. The entire team in Bronson Center for Women was amazing they made sure that I was comfortable and understood each step of the process.

Dr. Jacobs and Robinette, Nurse Navigator met with me after the biopsy. Unfortunately, it was never what anyone wanted to hear, “likelihood of cancer and expectations for next steps.  Of course all I heard, “You have Cancer!” Robinette made sure that my family was involved and up to speed on my condition with educational material.

I was set up for a NEEDLE LOCALIZATION LEFT BREAST LUMPECTOMY WITH SENTINEL LYMPH NODE BIOPSY on August 21st. As it turned out the cancer had metastatic to one lymph node, I wasn’t prepared for that! Dr. Kalinowski was very detailed and compassionate with her explanation as to my next steps. As my healing journey continues with this process, I want to make everyone aware of their need to have a mammogram done. It could save your life.