I want to give each a great big hug and thank you

Terri Stacey, Patient

I’m very thankful for everyone who had a part of my shoulder surgery, starting with Dr. Collins. He is a very kind and wonderful doctor. He really takes the time to stop and listen to you and all your concerns. He’s also a great surgeon. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Hats off to the staff in pre-op for their great care. And Post-op Jeff Wessies took real good care of me, and he got to visit with my niece Shawna and talk about High School days, Jeff was a lot of fun to joke around with. Thank you, Jeff, you did a great job taking care of me. He showed me he cares about his patients and their well-being. Then, I got the news one of my lungs collapsed so I had to spend two days in the hospital. The staff on the 2nd floor were all great they treated me with kindness and respect. Elizabeth Keller, RN, always entered the room with a smile – all the nurses entered like that.

Each person I saw treated me with such kindness, thank you so much. Dr. Collins operation team, and to the following staff; Chauntell Page, Cheri, Denise, Matt Mcneil, Dr. Hall, anesthesiologist team and Drew Shorthorn, CRNA, Kimberly H, NP, Candice, Respiratory Therapist on nights, Dr. De Leon, LaShawn, CNA, Regina A., 2nd floor, Bryant Whitmore – nerve block, Ariana J., Bethany K., day nurse, Monica, night nurse, Siama, respiratory therapy, Xavier H., transport, Katie, discharge nurse,  Denise, case manager. I want to give each a great big hug and thank you for each and every one of you. God bless you all.