I want to applaud your CCU staff and the care that they provided.

Laura Spears, Patient

On Sunday, June 30th, I received notice that my father had been admitted to the hospital and was in an unknown condition. I contacted Bronson not knowing what to expect, I was initially transferred to the Critical Care Unit, I spoke to RN Chris and Charge RN Jeremy. Both were respectful of my father’s privacy while at the same time communicating to me in a very compassionate manner that I should come to the hospital ASAP. I live approximately 2 hours away, so I came as fast as I could. When I arrived, I was met by RN Cynthia, and Charge RN Jeremy. They gave me a full update of what had happened, my dad’s current condition and what his plan of care would be for the next 72 hours. RN Karen took the next shift. She also took the time to explain the various machines and measurements. Pastoral Care visited and made sure that my spiritual needs were addressed, Gale asked what my Dad’s spiritual background was and said a prayer at the bedside. When I left for the night, Karen made sure I had all the numbers should I want to call during the night. My dad was on life support and his prognosis was very poor. I stayed the night in Battle Creek, returning to the hospital in the morning. RN Toni was now his RN, she was more of the same..attentive, knowledgeable and compassionate. She definitely was an advocate for my father. At one point a housekeeper came in to clean the room…she too was professional, polite and compassionate! I went home to Detroit that day. The RNs continued to keep me updated via phone each time there was a change in condition or plan. I want to point out, they usually initiated the calls but when I initiated the calls, not once was I treated like I was inconviencing anybody. On July 3rd my husband and I returned to the hospital. In collaboration with Bronson medical team and in consideration of my father’s wishes, we had decided to remove the life support. RN Chris was now the RN. I can not say enough about how well she did her job. She coordinated with respiratory based on my needs (she knew I was coming from Detroit) she explained what we should expect and most importantly, she treated my dad with respect, dignity and made sure he was as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Although this was a sad time for me, the experience at Bronson could not have been better. I myself an RN, have been the manager of an acute care inpatient psych unit for St John Providence Health System in Southfield, MI for the last 3 years. My husband, also an RN, is the Director of Hospice of Henry Ford Health System covering the Detroit metro area. We both are very aware of proper procedures, HIPPA, public reporting etc. I again want to applaud your CCU staff and the care that they provided.

My dad’s name was Thomas Shirk, admitted June 30th, he was in room 8 in CCU unti July 3rd.