I truly believe that my surgeons have saved my life. I trusted their advice.

Jan, Bronson Employee and Patient

It was 1982 and Jan was doing her monthly self-breast exam when she discovered a lump. Knowing that it could potentially be something serious, she made the decision to see her physician for some answers. Following his initial advice, Jan eliminated caffeine from her daily diet hoping that would make a difference. Three months passed and her concern was growing, as she had not seen a change in the lump. At that point, she sought out a surgeon in Kalamazoo to review her case. Jan underwent a mammogram as well as a needle biopsy. The results came back positive for breast cancer.

The cancer was still in its early stages, but Jan knew that she needed to have a plan and take action as soon as possible. She discussed her surgery options with Dr. August Roty, Jr., and decided that having a modified mastectomy surgery at Bronson Methodist Hospital was her best option. “I chose Bronson because I really appreciate the expertise of the doctors and the great care they provide,” Jan stated.

Jan had a modified mastectomy surgery, which is the removal of breast tissue and lymph nodes. During her recovery, she was seeking options to receive breast reconstruction surgery; however, within three months of her surgery, another lump was found in her other breast so Dr. Michael Nave performed a second surgery for same-day reconstructive surgery. All of Jan’s surgeries were successful and she emerged cancer free.

Overall, Jan had three surgeries at Bronson. “The nurses are very professional and the outpatient services made the whole process go smoothly. The transition and coordination of care was wonderful.” Jan said.

Having breast cancer at the age of 26 was not something that Jan imagined would happen to her.  Catching it early allowed Jan to continue her passion of helping others and living her life the way she had always envisioned. She was able to start a family after breast cancer and gave birth to two children. “I truly believe that my surgeons saved my life. I trusted their advice. They helped me make the important decisions I needed to make.” Jan stated.

Jan is now going on 32 years of living cancer free and feels very blessed to be where she is today.