I told him he should try a video visit first

Katelyn Kibler, Family Member

Meet Katelyn and Travis Kibler and their kids, Brooklyn and Bryson. When Travis was sick recently, Katelyn made sure he knew about Bronson’s new way to get immediate care with video visits.

“Not long after BronsonConnect Video Visit launched, my husband, Travis, was sick,” says Katelyn Kibler, Analyst III in Bronson’s Information Technology department. “He had a really sore throat and was planning to go see an immediate care doctor. I told him he should try a video visit first. He logged on at work and was connected with Katrina Barrett, NP, one of Bronson’s advanced practice providers. She was able to ask him questions and look at his throat using his phone’s video camera, then diagnose him and write a prescription—all without him missing any work. The best part? It was only $59!”

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