I think of you and the others at BSH as good friends

Ed, Patient

Dear Steve Shell (pharmacist at Bronson South Haven),

It isn’t La Dolce Vita (It., “The sweet life”) but I’m still alive and feeling pretty well, now that I’ve stopped chemotherapy. I’m doing hospice at home. Diane and I even had a pleasant meal out last week for the first time in weeks. We miscalculated the tip, but that was because of the “chemo brain.”

This is to thank you for the good care I received at Bronson South Haven. People my age tend to live vicariously, so I went to BSH almost as much for other people’s stories as for the infusions.

Thank you for the timely drug preps. With hospice, there’s a new group of faces, and a lot of them, but for awhile, they’ll just be acquaintances. I think of you and the others at BSH as good friends.

Thank you. I don’t expect to fall from the twig for awhile longer. I’ll keep you posted.

Your grateful patient,


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