I thanked them all from the bottom of my heart

Michael Graham, Patient

Back in 2010 I had a bad heart attack I was just doing what I usually do mow the yard  rake  it out door things be fore that I have received 11 stents from two different hospitals lake land Saint Joseph  and Bronson Kalamazoo one day when I was just messing around I started feeling sweaty nauseated anyway my youngest boy called 911 and when they arrived they immediately gave me a shot of nitro and two afterwards put me on iv when I got to the hospital I got in the room and was stabilized well they did some test and said I needed to go have quadruple by pass surgery I was scared I didn’t think it would every come to this well my aunt is a nurse in the burn unit and my cousin is a dr some where in the hospital the day of the surgery my aunt came in and ask me if we could do a prayer for all of us in the room my family I was scared to death that I was gonna die a lot goes through your mind  my aunt said a prayer and talked to me and said its gonna be alright you in good hands with god and the staff well I said I’m ready when I recovered and woke up I was a little scared still when the tubes came out and when I started the beginning of a second chance I see it it took some well staffed nures and drs to get me to get up and start walking up and down the hall way I was scared I wasn’t going to make it but I remembered what my aunt said your in good hands these drs are very professional and the nurses staff so I gave it my all and be fore you know it I was back on my feet at home even the home nurse was the best so far I’m doing good thanks to dr Elliot and staff and the other drs I cant remember there names but I thanked them all from the bottom of my heart for what they have done till this day I’m having a hard time quitting smoking less then pack a day some day I will concur this nasty habit with gods help and the drs I hope  it is a bad disease to concur with help I hope I can beat it thank you all so very much and my aunt Diana from the burn unit department for the prayers I don’t think I every got the chance to say that but god bless Bronson for all they have done then and now thank you Michael graham .