I thank you for touching the lives of people in our community

Jim McKernan, Chief Operating Officer, Employee

I love attending the Bronson Battle Creek Volunteer Recognition Event each year and treasuring the opportunity to express our appreciation for the many thousands of hours that our volunteer community members spend at Bronson Battle Creek. People from all walks of life dedicate their time and talents to help make Bronson the very best community hospital. The volunteers’ willingness to share their time and talent speaks a lot about them as human beings. Their enthusiasm to give selflessly and help others speaks of their strength, but more importantly, the quality of their character.

When you volunteer, you make a commitment to share the most precious gift you have — time. Our time is worth so much in society today, yet our volunteers share that time and talent willingly to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Whether you’re a longtime volunteer or you’ve only volunteered a couple hours with us, I thank you for your heart, your time and commitment. But more importantly, I thank you for touching the lives of people in our community. You really do make a difference. In short, you bedazzle me.

This story was taken from Jim’s award presentation at the western-themed Bronson Battle Creek Volunteer Recognition event. If you’re interested in becoming a Bronson Volunteer, visit bronsonhealth.com/volunteer.