I thank everyone that took care of my dad and kept him comfortable I can’t give enough praise to you all!

Christina York, Patient

I’m unsure where to begin..my father was brought in to the ER for a pre existing health issue which I figured he would be admitted and he was. He was there for a day when the Drs. had ran a few tests and found out his pneumonia was worse and he now had a rupture (again) in his esophagus. My dad was transferred to ICU where he (my dad) made the decision he didn’t want to have to go through the procedure of having feeding tubes and a ventilator again. The Dr. told us if he didn’t do the procedure he would pass away in a matter of days. My dad has had a terrible fight the last few years with cancer, previous esophageal rupture ect that he couldn’t fight anymore. It was so very hard for me to understand because mentally my dad was all there. So the decision was made and my dad was transferred to the old part of the hospital second floor ECMU I was a little hesitant, but I can not even begin to tell you how AMAZING these people are! They were so very compassionate not only to my dad but to his family and friends as well. ABSOLUTELY anything they could do to help make dads stay comfortable they did, they explained everything to him which I think is very important he still needs to know what’s going on. Well my dad started to become unresponsive and I really was trying to stay strong for my dad and I did but in the end I it was just dad and I. There’s nothing I would have changed about dads passing, I had two AMAZING I call ANGELS with me the night dad passed Debbie Hnilo and Dinah Owiti, I swear with every part of my soul dad waited for these two wonderful ladies to be working that night before he let go..he knew these two would help and be with me while he passed away! Debbie connected with me from day one, I can’t say enough abought this Angel she was meant to do this job and you can feel her emotion in her job! My heart aches for the loss of my dad but these two Angels made my dads journey home so much easier for him and me! I thank everyone that took care of my dad and kept him comfortable I can’t give enough praise to you all!! Thank You EMCU for helping my dad passing be as comfortable as it could be! Hugs to you all!! God Bless!!

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