I saw Positivity on a whole new level.

Katie Conrad, Patient

As a Bronson employee, I am surrounded by Bronson Positivity every day. When I became a patient at Bronson, I saw Positivity on a whole new level.

After having two previous surgeries on a rare foot tumor, Dr. Gorman at Bronson Orthopedics & Sports Medicine agreed to take my case despite having never seen one like it himself. He came highly recommended as a foot & ankle specialist. Dr. Gorman spent more time discussing treatment options than my previous two surgeons combined. He made sure to ask if I had any questions every time he met with me. He asked my family if they had any questions. After tracking down my two previous pathology reports, he called me after regular business hours two days before surgery to explain that my case was more difficult than we originally thought. He recommended not only removing the tumor, but removing some surrounding tissue in order to get clean margins. As an athlete, I was devastated and worried I would never run or play soccer again. While Dr. Gorman always provided his medical opinion, he told me the choice was mine to make: continue with surgery knowing that it would be more extensive and require additional recovery time, or he could provide a referral to another medical expert.

Dr. Gorman performed the surgery as planned, and continued close follow-up care for two months after surgery. He answered questions, talked with my family and friends along the way, and while he was always professional, he was also very down-to-earth. And most importantly, I am running again! I knew Dr. Gorman had a reputation for providing high quality medical care, but he truly went above and beyond.

Thank you again, Dr. Gorman, for your medical expertise and excellent service. Thank you to all the staff at Bronson Orthopedics & Sports Medicine for friendly smiles when I visited. Thank you to the outpatient surgery staff and anesthesiologists who provided comic relief on the day of surgery. I am proud to be a part of Bronson Positivity every day!

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