I recommend our OT department to anyone

Cathy Stine, Patient

I broke my hand at the end of January this year and it was the first time I had ever broken a bone.  It was splinted for 9 weeks and I had great care from Urgent Care and Dr. Dabrowski’s office.  Everyone was kind and caring during the process and helped work through the issues associated with it.  I began Occupational Therapy immediately when the splint was removed and cannot say enough about the staff in the BBC OT Department. The four therapists were so experienced and communicated clearly while working with me during the four months of therapy.  They made the exercises fun and we chatted during the whole 45 minutes each time while we were still doing the work.  They measured my progress and moved me forward until I was ready to finish rehab on my own.  I cannot thank Mercy, Elicia, Sue and Hannah enough.  I felt the true Bronson caring and positivity each time.  I recommend our OT department to anyone I know with an injury requiring PT or OT. I appreciate you all.