I really appreciate the thoroughness

Derek Weurding, Patient

I really appreciate the thoroughness your office gave me on August 15th for my annual physical at the Bronson Lakeview Family Practice. I did not think it was a big deal to fail my hearing test at the time but after some referrals and testing I found out on after my MRI that I have a acoustic neuroma. The Bronson Lakeview MRI staff were wonderful as well. I think the man’s name was Dale. Both staff were very nice and thorough. Dale did not treat me like I was the last patient of the day. He was personable and kind. Bronson ENT has also been on top of this since the beginning. They called not even 24 hours after my MRI and they said this was caught at a really good time and the prognosis is better for it. I received my next referral for a specialist and within 24 hours received a call from them. I appreciate all the staff that took this seriously and for the prompt referrals. Keep up the good work. Thanks.