I never felt like I was a problem or a bother

Laurie Lyddy, Patient

I was called today to do my pre-op medication info call and I ended up speaking to a woman called Courtney G. Not only was she polite and friendly, she was also very patient with me. I have a variety of conditions and I take quite a few medications which means these calls can take a while to complete. Not once did she give any indication that she was annoyed or needed me to hurry up. I never felt like I was a problem or a bother. I have felt that way in the past when I’ve had to do the pre-op thing. I’d say almost every other time I’ve had to do this it’s been a pain in the butt. She was also very knowledgeable, as she always had the answer I needed without pause.

I was just very very pleased with the interaction and actually finished the phone call with a smile on my face, in a good mood.