I loved my experience and will continue to return in the future

Lauren Jones, Family Member

I would like to start by saying that my daughter hates going to the doctors. So I was very nervous about taking her in for a bigger procedure. When we arrived we were quickly checked in and then sat in the waiting room for maybe 2 minutes tops.

Then a nurse came out and offered my daughter a sticker. Then said that she had a special surprise in the back for her. So she (my daughter) jumped up and went with her (she never does that). So as we walked back and sitting on the bed was a stuffed elephant, coloring pages, crayons. They then brought in a movie and my daughter and I got to watch a movie until the first medicine kicked in.Then in came a wagon filled with pillows(this was super exciting for her). They then wheeled her back into surgery. They offered me beverages, and three different people (one being her doctor) came and informed me about how everything was going on. That definitely helped relieve some of my initial stress.

I was then called back to see her and although she was groggy and in a not so good mood she was cuddling with one of the nurses with a popsicle in hand. They were very good about taking out the IV’s and helped us carry and wheel everything out to our vehicle. My daughter can not stop talking about how much fun she had, her elephant and her special treat!! I loved my experience and will continue to return in the future!!