I love that they offer so many resources for people who may not be able to afford medication or get a ride to their appointment.

Bailey Knaack, Employee

I have worked at the CCC for about a month and a half. I was a student here a year ago working in radiation therapy. I finished up my degree in April and wanted to come back because I like the sense of community you see here and all of the patients know each other. When I was here as a student it was a great learning environment. It was my longest rotation, so it was nice to be somewhere that I felt comfortable asking questions, and where patients weren’t afraid to have students taking care of them.

The Survivors’ Celebration is really great, too. It is a really unique event that we have that supports all cancer survivors and it is a great way to bring everyone together.

What I enjoy most is seeing how much everyone c­­ares about their patients, and how many resources they have for people who may not be able to afford medication, or get a ride to their appointment. They’re willing to do so much for all of their patients. They also offer a lot of support groups and there are so many benefits to coming to those. The patients are always nervous at first but then you see they’re really enjoying it and they end up making a lot of friends and forming a supportive community.