I love my doctors

Amiea Carter, Patient

I am 21-years-old, almost 22.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of health issues that have always felt out of my control.

I never seemed to find a care provider that took me seriously or felt that my issues were real and valid.

When I found my new doctor through Bronson, Analise Betker, PA, I couldn’t have been happier.

She was incredibly kind and right from the start I felt instantly comfortable with her.

She took my concerns seriously, suggested options no other provider had before and kept me informed and involved throughout the entire process of finding my diagnosis.

Which she did in fact do. She found the answers to issues I had been facing for years.

As it turns out I have PCOS and Insulin Resistance.

Because of this she took special care to find medications that could help with my symptoms.

For certain things, such as hormonal regulation and contraception, she said I would need to see an OB/GYN. I was referred to Amber Nash-Guilford, DO.


Once again, I was met with a truly fantastic care provider.

Dr. Nash-Guilford is incredible. She truly listens and does everything she can to answer your questions and give you the best care possible.


Not only did she adjust the birth control I was on to provide better results with my condition, PCOS, she also put me on an additional medication to keep my androgen levels in the appropriate range.

Not only have I been having a regular menstrual cycle for the first time EVER after 6 years of amenorrhea, but the other medication she put me on freed me of excess body hair that made me incredibly insecure.


Most importantly, Dr. Nash-Guilford respected my choices for my body.

I went to her about being sterilized, where most doctors wouldn’t even entertain the conversation since I’m “too young”, unmarried and have no children, apparently, those are necessary requirements…


Dr. Nash-Guilford just wanted to make sure I knew it would be permanent and that it was a choice I was making on my own and not something being pushed on me.

After which, she went through a required document with me and began explaining her preferred procedure for sterilization.

I took in the information and asked any questions I had.

Before we finished our appointment, I asked her in a moment of both relief and disbelief, “That’s it? You’re willing to do this for me? You’re not going to try and get me to change my mind or refuse to do the procedure?”.

She insisted that she did not dictate what women can and can’t do with their bodies. As long as you’re informed, you’re doing what you believe is right for your body and there aren’t any health issues associated with that choice, she will support you through it all.


After a few weeks, my operation was scheduled.

I was informed of all the rules I needed to follow prior to the procedure as well as where it’d be taking place and to expect a call a couple days before from a nurse that would be on my case.


That call did take place and the nurse was very informative. She let me know exactly what to do, where to go, and what to expect- she even helped me figure out what to do for a Next of Kin/Emergency Contact since I didn’t have one set in stone.


On the day of my surgery, everyone I came into contact with was fantastic.

My nurse who prepped me for surgery and the nurses and other healthcare providers that helped me during recovery- even when I was panicking while coming to after the anesthesia wore off- was very reassuring and kind.

They explained everything they were doing and answered all my questions, and I asked a LOT of them.

But of course, the staff involved in my surgery were phenomenal.

I met my anesthesiologist and the two women who would be assisting Dr. Nash-Guilford during my surgery before it took place.

They came into my room and introduced themselves while explaining their roles and exactly what they do during the procedure. They were incredibly reassuring and wanted me to be as comfortable as possible when going into surgery.

Dr. Nash-Guilford also made sure to check on me right before I was taken to the OR. She fully explained the procedure once more, down to every detail.

She encouraged me to ask questions and also told some lighthearted jokes to ease my nerves.


Upon entering the OR every single person introduced themselves, even the ones I had already met, just to make sure I recognized them.

While getting situated, they helped me as much as possible in sitting up, moving to the operating table, staying covered (despite the fact that I was about to be in surgery), and making sure I was stable and as relaxed as I could get.

Dr. Nash-Guilford came and sat next to me, softly speaking and keeping me calm. Telling me I was doing great and that they were all going to take care of me.

She even began holding my hand when my anesthesiologist told me they were going to start the process of putting me under.

He told me what to expect before he began and let me know as soon as the medicine was introduced.

Before I went under the other person assisting the anesthesiologist (I, unfortunately, can’t remember his name or his official title) said to me, “Now, Mia, make sure you let me know when you’re asleep”.

I thought that was very funny, and I’m glad I remembered it as a lot of the other things are fuzzy.


The surgery went extremely well, my incisions were small, neat and I had no pain either!

Well, no pain where the incisions were, anyway.

I was not prepared for just how painful shoulder pain resulting from CO2 gas could be.

I knew it could happen, but I didn’t expect it to be so intense!

Thankfully the ladies who treated me in the recovery bay were very helpful.

They reminded me of the CO2 gas and explained to me what the pain was from and why I was feeling it to the best of their ability. They took me seriously and made sure to administer pain medication as quickly as possible.


Overall, my experiences have been phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier to have Bronson as my hospital.

I love my doctors and other healthcare providers and will continue seeing them for as long as I can.