I love Dr. Comai and my new hip.

Kathy Katz-McConville, Patient

Kathy Katz-McConville was experiencing a lot of hip pain and it was affecting her love to walk. She knew that something had to be done when it got to the point that she couldn’t even move because the pain was so bad. That is when she contacted Dr. William Comai at Bronson Orthopedic Specialists.

“From the second that I met him, I just knew that he was a great surgeon,” Kathy said. “He is very confident and I found that very attractive when it came time to select a surgeon. He took the time to explain the whole procedure to  me and helped me feel more at ease about having the surgery done.”

When it came time to having her hip replacement procedure done at Bronson Battle Creek, Kathy’s expectations were once again blown away.

“Everything went exactly like they said it would,” Kathy recalled. “The staff was super attentive and great all around. I felt very safe there which is very important for me. Overall, the care was excellent.”

Kathy is very appreciative of everyone that was involved with her surgery and inpatient stay at the hospital. Now Kathy is rediscovering the things that she was so passionate about doing before the hip replacement surgery. The difference now is not only a new hip, but that she is able to do things pain free.

“I love Dr. Comai and my new hip,” Kathy said. “I can’t say enough good things about him. He has given me back the freedom to do things that I love to do and I no longer have to worry about the pain.”

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