I love Bronson and cannot say enough.

Cassandra Linklater, Patient

It was a difficult experience having my baby unexpectedly at 30 weeks, but I have to say how everyone at Bronson made it more of a positive one.

All the nurses that took care of me were very kind and knowledgeable and were readily available. Nikki informed me all about how the NICU worked and answered all my questions. Rosemary monitored me and knew when there was a problem and brought the physician in to assess. Vi was right with me during my emergency c-section when my family did not have time yet to arrive. Melody did great post-op care with me to help me recover. I liked every nurse that took care of me each shift and I wish I remembered all their names.

Dr. Austin and Dr. Rodriguez were amazing, I have never met any doctors quite like them. They truly care about you and give their time completely to helping you get better. They were always available and made me feel like I was their only patient. The neonatology physicians were great at answering all our questions and making sure we knew the plan for each day. We loved them.

Lisa from social services was so pleasant, kind, and readily available. All the people who delivered my meals were cheerful and smiled. The greeters for the NICU who let us in each time were very nice as well. Sue from O.T. gave much needed suggestions and support. The support staff for the nurses were kind and helpful. The music therapist was very sweet.

All hospital staff were polite and kind. Hand washing was done at an exceptional 100% rate, before and after entering rooms. Never seen that at other hospitals or doctors’ offices! I never felt like I was waiting a while for anything, I was well-informed, I was treated respectfully.

Lactation staff were so helpful. Tanya was very supportive and helpful all the time. She answered questions and gave advice for successful breastfeeding. It is thanks to her that I have been able to exclusively breastfeed my baby.

The NICU nurses that took care of my baby were outstanding. I was very impressed with their skills, patience, and the wonderful care they gave my baby and all of us. They gave us all the time we needed to ask questions and knew how to answer every question. They were always available and presented a pleasant, personal, and un-rushed mood. I loved all the nurses, and I must mention the names of Michele H. and Cindy S. who went above and beyond and got to know us and demonstrated exceptional nursing skills and demeanor. But everyone went above and beyond. Kim V., Susan B., Laurie S., Jennifer, Paige, Sarah, Katie C, Dana, Jillian, Mary, Julie, to name a few. I can’t remember all the names. The nurse that gave us a quieter room and then helped transfer us to stepdown was wonderful.

I love Bronson Hospital and cannot say enough. I met great people and staying there for two months with my baby wasn’t really so bad. Thank you so much Bronson, for saving my baby James’ life and mine.

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