I looked for 10 years for a family doctor

Angie Peebles, Patient

I looked for 10 years for a family doctor when I moved from Paw Paw to Kalamazoo and just couldn’t find a doctor who would take the insurance. My experience at Bronson Family Medicine – Shaffer St. has been amazing, outstanding. Everybody here is wonderful. Mary Katz, PA-C, treats you like you’re family. She’s always happy, always willing to take those extra minutes to explain things to you as needed. It’s fun to go. My kids didn’t have a doctor and I was taking them back and fourth to the health center and she said “no! Bring them here. I’d love to see them.” and… I cried.

My kids absolutely adore her as well. The convenience of the office being where it is is amazing. It’s only a few minutes away from where I live. Driving from my home to Marcellus to have a doctor was not efficient or easy for any of us. Now, she’s right around the corner and always available and willing to try to fit you in, even when there’s not a spot. All of the other people I’ve run into who are seeking a doctor, I hand them a card or I write down her information. I am continuing to pull people into the practice because I didn’t realize there were so many people who were looking for a doctor.

Mary, willing to take the patients and being who she is, people are calling me back now. Thank you so much for helping me find a doctor. I struggled for so many years with finding a doctor that I want to be able to help those that can’t find anyone… and who better, than Mary Katz?

I just want to thank everybody at the practice and to Mary for being so amazing. She took not only me, but my family. It’s a huge, huge lift off my shoulders, and everybody is just absolutely amazing here.