I like knowing I can put a smile on their faces

Annette James-Stewart, Employee

I’ve worked in pediatric cardiology for about a year now. We see patients from babies to 18 years old, so it makes for an interesting day. Some are regular patients, so you form a relationship with them and their parents. I try to make patients and parents feel comfortable when they are already anxious about what is going on. I’m usually pretty positive, even if I’m not having the best day. I like knowing I can put a smile on their faces, to make their whole visit better overall. From the first time I see them, I make sure I’m smiling and welcoming.

Our team huddle board in the pediatric subspecialties office says “Put on Your Positive Pants,” which we all do our best to do everyday. It permeates through our office. We work as a team and try to keep our eye out for one another. If we see someone else needs help, we jump in to give them assistance.


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