I like being able to support local businesses and save myself some time!

Erin Smith, Employee

I have been working at Bronson for more than 10 years. One of the perks I really enjoy is that we have the opportunity to purchase fresh, local food without having to make a trip to the grocery store. For years, I have been a regular shopper at the winter farmers market on south campus and I often participate in the CSA program. So when I discovered that I can buy meat from Carlson’s Farm year-round in the north campus café, I was really excited.

I love being able to take a quick walk across campus and buy a whole chicken, ribs or whatever other meat I need. It saves me so much time and makes it really easy to support local businesses. Not to mention, I think the fresh chicken and meat that is raised locally tastes better than the brand-name stuff I would buy at the grocery store.

Thank you, Bronson, for supporting a healthy work-life balance and making it easier for employees to support local businesses!