I know it makes my heart feel good to do something for others.

Carla Hazard, Employee

I’m a volunteer for the Relay for Life of Van Buren County. This year, I was a member of the survivorship committee, and also part of the Bronson South Haven team. I took on a number of roles during the event, but the one that stood out to me was when I had the opportunity to help push the wheelchair of a survivor during the survivor lap. I like having the interaction with the survivors and doing something to try to wipe out cancer.

I don’t have a specific personal connection, but I do CT scans at Bronson South Haven and I scan a lot of people with cancer. I’m happy with them when they get good results and I’m sad when they are not feeling good.

I’m real tickled that Bronson encourages people to volunteer in the community and offers four hours of paid time to do it. I wish everybody would take a few hours and volunteer for something. I don’t care if it’s just a few hours or ongoing.  I know it makes my heart feel good  to do something for others.