I knew then that Dr. Nikkel was going to give me my life back

Laura Hooker, Patient

I came to Dr. Nikkel with no hope for my knees.  Years of abuse have caused severe knee pain and no real quality of life.  My previous ortho doc treated me like a piece of trash, basically telling me to learn to live with the pain.  I’m only 43, I work ems, and my family and patients needed me….his advice was not an option!! A friend of mine told me about Dr. Nikkel, saying he was the most caring Doc she knows, and how the entire staff was wonderful.  I trusted her.  Let me tell you, BEST DECISION EVER!! The second one walked through the door, Jessica welcomed me and made me feel like I was going to be ok.  The medical assistant was lovely, and they were beyond friendly. I had hope. Every time they walked out of the room, tears started to fall because I knew that this place was going to hear me, and give me my life back.  Then, in walks the man…Dr. Nikkel.  I held back tears telling him my story…and he listened, and he cared!! The game plan for present and future was set, and all questions honestly answered. I have never felt so taken care of by a doc since I was a kid.  I knew then that Dr. Nikkel was going to give me my life back and words cannot describe how grateful I am for not only my friend Kellie who referred me, but for the staff and the doc.  He fixed me up, and we meet again in 6 weeks. Hands down, Bronson Orthopedics IS one of the best in all categories for patient care!!