Having the support really helps

Megan Mallory, mom of NICU patient

Madeline was born ten weeks early on November 29 at Bronson BirthPlace. She wasn’t due until February 7th.  She weighed just 2 pounds, 5.7 ounces. It was scary knowing she was in the NICU, but when they took me down to see her for the first time I knew she was safe and she was cared for. Everyone at Bronson Children’s Hospital has been so supportive and wonderful, including the music therapist and the parent liaison.

She’s been in the NICU 13 days already, and likely won’t be going home until January. Having Santa visit was awesome- it was so cute to see. It made you feel like your Christmas moment was happening even though you are in the hospital. It’s hard because you want to go home with your family, but we will be here over the holidays. Having the support really helps.

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