I knew he needed our help

Anonymous, Employee

We recently had a veteran come into our office looking to establish care with one of our providers. As he was sharing a bit of his background with us, it was apparent that he desperately needed help. The patient was concerned about memory issues as he was falling several times a day, and was not getting the help he needed from the VA nor from another nearby hospital. He brought with him recent medical bills totaling over $8,000. He explained he wasn’t able to afford insurance and thought about selling his car in order to purchase reasonable healthcare for the year. I encouraged him to not make any major decisions until seeing Debra Klinger, our Nurse Practitioner. I explained how we also had a social worker here in our office that would provide him with tools and resources so he wouldn’t have to go without. As I began giving him his appointment date and explaining all of the required forms that needed to be filled out, it were obvious he was intimidated. I asked if he had any family at home that could help him, he didn’t. In an effort to ensure we was making this transition as smooth as possible for the patient, our office manager Jessica MacGregor went to Debra Klinger to give her background information and asked what absolutely needed to be filled out for his appointment. Debra Klinger felt compelled to go out into our waiting room to introduce her to him and reassure him he was in good hands.

Sensing the importance of gathering as much history as I could, I offered to go into a consult room and help him fill out all of the required forms so that when he arrived to his appointment, it would go as smooth as possible. On our way to the room, he was not wearing any shoes- more than ever; I knew he needed our help.

During our time together he would reiterate over and over how much he appreciated all that we were doing for him and how he felt so cared for already and that nobody has ever truly wanted to know as much about him as we did.

A week later, he had his initial appointment and we were finally able to start our care plan for him.

I am so proud to be able to work for an office that can provide personal, unconditional, continuous care to so many different patients with all walks of life in such a gracious manner.