I Knew Bronson Was Always a Good Choice

Connie Harris, NP, Employee

As a nurse practitioner, I feel like I can contribute to patient’s lives. I came to healthcare in a different way. I started in accounting and payroll until my mother-in-law got hurt and I was able to take care of her, even though we lived out of state, including getting her appropriate care. That was my ah-ha moment. I knew I always wanted to do this, so I went to school and got my license.

Bronson LakeView Family Care – Decatur is a rural healthcare facility. Working in a rural setting, you have to be creative as far as finding resources for patients, but patients are usually very grateful for the extra work. In family medicine, you get the whole gamut. I have patients as young as a few weeks to patients over 100 years old. You get to know your patients and their families—it’s almost like they become part of your family.  You get to know the whole patient as well as the whole family.

Bronson is a good place to work. They have a different atmosphere. I’ve noticed it going into different healthcare facilities. At Bronson, everyone is kind and friendly, they say “hi” even when they don’t know you. Staff members make eye contact with patients and check to see if they and their family are comfortable and don’t need anything.

I’ve been with Bronson on and off for almost 30 years. There’s a reason I keep coming back to the Bronson system. When I had a choice to go somewhere else, I knew Bronson was always a good choice.