I just hope others experiencing this severe level of pain realize they can get help, too.

Stephanie Sampson, Patient

Stephanie Sampson is a busy working mother that always put the needs of her husband and six children first. She considered herself to be low a low priority and allowed her activity level to become a stalemate. However, her daughter Loren inspired her to make a positive change in her life. That is when she started running and when she really started to notice the pain in her right knee.

While training for her first half marathon, she made an appointment with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joseph Burkhardt of Bronson Orthopedic Specialists to have her knee checked out before the big race. The X-rays revealed that she had little to no knee cartilage left.

“I was devastated,” Stephanie said. “However, I wasn’t going to let this news ruin my goal of completing my first half marathon.”

Despite doctor’s orders, Stephanie ran the half marathon and completed it. Not soon after that huge accomplishment though, she finally scheduled her total knee replacement surgery.  From her pre-op appointments through her hospital stay, Stephanie couldn’t believe the high level of care, compassion and support she received from everyone at Bronson Battle Creek.

“My only hospital stays prior to my knee replacement surgery were baby deliveries (five total),” Stephanie recalled. “I truly did not know what to expect, especially with a longer hospital stay. I am happy to report though that I was totally blown away with how fantastic my stay at Bronson Battle Creek was all the way to the end at my discharge.”

Her fantastic experience was largely impacted by the great nursing staff that she encountered at the Orthopedic Renewal Center. Stephanie specifically recalled the nurses treating her in a very professional and personable manner. The staff ensured that all her needs were met and that she was happy. She loved the care she received so much so that she didn’t want to leave!

Even though she is a very young total knee replacement patient at the age of 49, Stephanie is happy to report that her energy and activity levels have improved remarkably since the procedure.

“I love waking up early and starting my day to get things done because I know I can do it and want to do it more now than ever before,” Stephanie stated. “I have lots of time to do other things because I am no longer consuming my day with trying to control the pain. I have Dr. Burkhardt and the great team at Bronson Battle Creek to thank for that. Now my time can be refocused on not only keeping me healthy and active, but spending time with my family pain free.”
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