I just fell in love with the people at Bronson Battle Creek.

Janet Smith, Patient

Janet Smith’s arthritis pain came on fast. The usually spritely, 75-year-old soon found herself walking with a painful gait and a cane. Her X-rays revealed that bone disintegration had shortened her right leg by three inches and her doctor recommended surgery.

Although her pain was excruciating, Janet felt hopeful after meeting Orthopedic Surgeon Andre Oulai who performs his surgeries at Bronson Battle Creek. “I just liked him so much!” she exclaims. “I have never gone to a doctor who was so compassionate and made me feel like I was his only patient.”

Dr. Oulai performed a new and innovative direct anterior approach hip replacement procedure. “Everybody’s talking about it,” Dr. Oulai says of the new procedure. “I make the incision from the front of the body, rather than the back, so I don’t have to cut any tendons. The result can be far less pain, fewer movement restrictions, a smaller incision and a speedier recovery.”

Janet’s hip replacement procedure, which was performed at Bronson Battle Creek, was no exception. She was thrilled with the results. After her surgery, she inspected her incision with disbelief. She couldn’t believe an entirely new metal hip had fit through such a small incision. When she stood up, both of her legs were the same length.

On the second day after surgery, she began physical therapy. Janet was amazed by her progress. “I could sit, stand and walk without a cane for the first time in more than a year.”

As pleased as Janet is with her new hip, what really impressed her was the quality of her care. “I just fell in love with the people at Bronson Battle Creek. The nurses took really good care of me and my husband, and made us feel at home. People don’t usually say, ‘I had hip surgery and I enjoyed it,’ but I don’t ever recall being at a hospital as accommodating and nice as Bronson Battle Creek.”

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