I honestly felt understood and cared about

Stephanie Lando, Patient

I just wanted to share a little bit of my story in hopes that the medical team that I worked with know how much their kindness, empathy and urgency meant to me. I recently discovered a mass in my leg. One of the most terrifying discoveries I think a person can have. During the discovery process, I received so much reassurance from Kathy, at Bronson General Surgery. She is Michael Busch’s medical assistant. I called Kathy (often) on the brink of full blown panic/anxiety attack. She was always so calming and reassuring. She talked me out of a few different panic attacks and I honestly felt understood and cared about. Michael Busch, who ended up being my referring surgeon to U of M went out of his way along with Kathy to make sure my insurance company provided me with the absolute best care available. Their follow through and kindness really helped make this terrifying experience less traumatic. So thank you to the medical team at Bronson General Surgery for helping me get to my benign diagnosis and removal of a Fibroadenoma from my leg.