I hold you all in the highest regards

Chad VanderKlok, Patient

I wanted to take the time to let you know about my experience with your office and specifically Dr. Sytsma. I am employed as a public safety officer in Kalamazoo and injured myself during a training scenario in July resulting in a torn pectoral muscle. I was referred to Dr. Sytsma by pro health for further treatment.

I have never been a fan of the medical treatment process, specifically the attitude of most doctors that I have encountered during my life. There seems to be a lack of emphasis to stay on time, treat people with compassion and focus on the end goal of recovery. I was impressed with every visit at Bronson Sports Medicine Specialists by the professional staff and ability to always stay punctual regardless of the time of day I had an appointment.

Upon meeting Dr. Sytsma, I believe my initial impression was like most, wondering if he truly was able to carry out what he promised since he appeared very young. As I met with him it was apparent that he was more than capable and instilled confidence in me as he almost over explained everything that he intended to do.

When it came time for surgery they actually got me in earlier than expected, and again explanations were more than clear about what was to come. The recovery was painless with no swelling or bruising around the surgery site resulting in a minimal need for pain control. I was able to return to work ahead of schedule and I know this was a result of the precision of Dr. Sytsma.

During my career, multiple coworkers of mine have had to undergo surgery following similar muscle tears, no one has made it back to work in the time Dr. Sytsma’s treatment has permitted me to return. Additionally, none have had such a problem free and painless experience as I did.

I want to express my appreciation to Dr. Sytsma and all of the staff that I had contact with at Bronson Sports Medicine during this process. I hold you all in the highest regards.

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