I have worked out consistently for the full year! My neck and shoulder pain is gone!

Diane Grimm, Bronson Athletic Club Member

I joined Bronson Athletic Club in February, 2016. My husband and I had recently retired and I finally had more time to work on improving my health.  I was quite discouraged about my health as I have asthma and osteoporosis. I was also dealing with chronic neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. I knew I needed to do something positive to combat these issues I was facing.

On our initial visit and tour, we decided to join.  I wandered around the facility, checking out the classes that were going on in the various rooms.  I stood outside Studio 3 where a class called “Fall Prevention” was going on.  It looked like something that I would enjoy and the instructor and participants were very friendly and not intimidating.  From that beginning, I began to take other classes, Cardio-dance, Kettle bell, Stretch and Tone, and Yoga. I actually began to look forward to my work-out sessions. I also worked with several of the fitness staff members and learned how to stretch correctly, use correct form when I lifted weights and used kettle bells. I also learned how to read food labels and count fat grams and carbohydrates in the foods that I eat.

Over a year later, I am happy to report that I have worked out consistently for the full year!  My neck and shoulder pain is gone! I have more muscle strength and better posture.  I also have more energy and a more positive attitude towards life. I love my new work-out friends at the BAC and look forward to going there.  I am registered in several long distance biking events this year and also plan to walk in several 5K events in the area.

I want to thank the staff at Bronson Athletic Club for the part you have played in my “success story”!