I have very high praise for Stacey

Tina Parsons, Patient

My experience here at Bronson was the best of all due to a very kind and  considerate nurse (Stacey L RN) she seemed to be available for all our needs with perfect timing even though I wasn’t the only  patient that needed to be  attended to. Some how the hospital schedule got mixed up and my initial surgery time was at 9:30 am but got pushed back to 11:30 am. Being a diabetic I was concerned that my sugar levels would drop off while going that long without food or Med’s. Stacey was very  apologetic  to my whole family over and over again. Not only did she confirm that I wasn’t going to be forgotten and that my sugar would be closely monitored, she was constantly informing me and my family every little detail of what the staff is doing to get me through this scary ordeal of surgery. I have very high praise for Stacey, she is amazing in every aspect of her professionalism. I would love to take her home with me to care for me during my recovery. Please consider this a letter of recommendation for Stacey to be promoted to patients angel status.