I have nothing but praise for them.

Darlene Cosgrove, Patient

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of this year. I was devastated when I was called back in to have further testing done. I had no idea that I had breast cancer – but I was blessed that the people in the mammogram department worked to get me in right away and my surgery was scheduled.

It has been a great walk through this cancer center. Dr. Mudge stands out to me because he has done a great job explaining everything to me – from the different medicines I’m taking to the two different types of cancer I had. He left it entirely up to me what I wanted to do for my treatment. I decided I wanted to do radiation. I really felt I needed to do it and he was so good about supporting me and keeping tabs on me. Everyone here is so upbeat, kind and understanding. My whole experience here is a positive one. After being scared to death with my diagnosis they worked with me and saw me through it. I’m very positive that the outcome is going to be good.

I was concerned about the finances and Bri was super and I have nothing but praise for her. She worked extensively with Medicare, my drug program. . There were times I would get a bill in the mail and think “there’s no way I can do this” but I would talk to Bri and she would help me through it.

I would recommend this place to anyone. I’m blessed to have come here. There were times where I just wanted to cry – but instead they made me laugh. The whole team is very upbeat and has been by my side throughout this entire process.

This was my first year coming to the Cancer Care Center on Halloween. The festivities they had were so much fun. It is really great that they do fun activities for patients. It can be really hard to stay positive, but activities like this are really uplifting to patients. It gives us hope!