I have never received better care anywhere

Jim McKinney, Patient

I was recently an inpatient at Bronson Battle Creek, through a referral from the VAMC. I was admitted for observation, but that escalated to major surgery rather quickly, and I ended up on the 5th floor, Medical/Surgical/Oncology floor, from March 3rd through the 16th. I wanted to let you, as the COO, know that I have never received better care anywhere. From the Bronson General Surgery Specialists – Battle Creek staff, to the amazing nurses and care assistants, to the laboratory and x-ray staff, to the custodial and food service people… EVERYONE who was a part of my healing process was professional and a major reason in my recovery. I plan on recommending several nurses for the Daisy Award and I also am planning on nominating the entire team for the yearly award – but I felt it necessary to let you know just how incredible a team you have there at Bronson Battle Creek. I imagine you hear enough of how people may not be happy with whatever care they receive, and I wanted to let you know that I truly believe they are the best. For the record, my surgeon was Dr. Wilhelmson, and I saw Lora Krone, PA-C, Joel Smith, PA-C, Dr. Mustafa Chokr, Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Miller as well. My nurses were Wendy, Erin, Pam, Lilian, Brittany, Donna, Beth, Amanda. My care assistants were Gladys, Dawn, Courtenay, and Alicea… and I know I have forgotten some names and I apologize for that. I hope that this note extends to you the sincere appreciation I have for all of these wonderful people. I really wanted to make sure you know how much they all meant to me while at Bronson Battle Creek. Thank you for your time!