I have never been more impressed

Kimberly Kamrow, Patient

On Thursday June 18th, I was in Culver Indiana dropping my children off at camp. Earlier that day I spoke with my mom and she sounded short of breath and confused. I called a friend of mine that lives in Battle Creek and asked her to stop by my mom’s house to check on her. When Gina got there, the house was locked and no one was responding to the doorbell or phone calls. Instructed Gina to get into the house one way or another. When she finally gained entry, she found my mom in bed. She was grey in color, short of breath, clammy, and sweating. 911 was called and mom was spirited away to the hospital.

When she got the ER, the initial diagnosis was dehydration due to flu. Her potassium, sodium, and electrolytes were dangerously low. She was admitted overnight to regulate her fluids and monitor her vitals. It was at this time that we first met Dr. Marcos Madeiro. I have never been more impressed with a hospital doctor. He was thoughtful, thorough, and concerned. He was honest, level-headed, and compassionate. I believe that Dr. Madeiro’s tenacity is the sole reason that my mom is still alive. He took the time to explain to me what he was doing, what results he was finding, and what the course of treatment would be to get her back on track. He never rushed me or made me feel like I was a waste of his time or energies.

He ran a battery of tests including x-rays, CT scans, blood cultures, and others. He found that she had double pneumonia, and sepsis. He continued to dig deeper to find to root cause of her illness, and finally uncovered the true culprit. My mother some how managed to contract Legionnaires disease. She is still in the hospital, day six now… and has several days left to go. Even when she gets home, she will have a long and challenging recovery process.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Marcos Madeiro, and his care of my mother. He is an angel in a white coat and scrubs. Thank you for saving her life, you took the time to truly understand, and I will forever be grateful to you.
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