I have been treated with dignity, respect and amazing care

James Roth, Patient

I have been to many hospitals in many states. What I noticed about Bronson the first time I ever walked in was how clean and beautiful it was and how nice the entire staff were to everyone no matter who it was.

Now that I have been a patient there from my primary care doctor to my ENT, the two times I have been to the emergency department and having two different surgery’s, I have been treated with dignity respect and amazing care. Each person lends their talents and creativity in your care and making sure you are comfortable beyond measure.

I just came home from an ED visit and ended up having to have emergency surgery – all I can say it the level and attention to detail from the staff to the doctors and surgeons involved were beyond measure. I can’t say thank you enough, but I can say my ENT, Karina, made sure my ear drum was repaired and my doctors, Justice Brockover-Meyer, NP, and Thomas Flynn, MD and my surgeon Dr. Shebrain are a few that go beyond the call of duty with their unending support to the patients.

The RN’s and support staff (I can’t remember all of their names) but they, too, are amazing on every level. They laugh with you, feel your pain, make sure you get taken care of as quickly as possible and never stop rushing around to help the next person even when you know they are beyond tired.  Even down to the people that come in and clean the rooms your staying in,  smiles go so far. Personality goes even farther and every single staff member, even in the hall way, have always been supportive and welcoming in this hospital.  Thank you, Bronson, for going above and beyond in healthcare for the Kalamazoo area. We are truly lucky to have a facility full of such caring staff like this in our community.

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