I had the chance to ask questions without feeling pressured

Paula Geister, Patient
When I arrived at Bronson, the volunteer staff greeted me. That’s a great start. I proceeded to the area where my procedure would be performed and my friend/driver were both treated in a courteous manner by the woman who checked us in. Pre-registration helped this process be quick and accurate.

The nurses in charge of my care discussed with me my history, medications on my list, my history with the procedure and other subjects we thought of along the way. The pre-op proved that staff members want the experience to be as “painless” as possible. Each person who was to be involved in my time in outpatient came to talk with me, giving the information I needed to know. I had the chance to ask questions without feeling pressured.

The procedure must have gone quickly because I woke in recovery wondering why I was so “fixed up” and awake. Nurses in the recovery room were just as pleasant as the others. I especially am proud of the Bronson team because they treated my friend/driver so well.

Good job, Bronson