I had the BEST care

Pamela Gay, Patient

I had the BEST care yesterday when I was in for an outpatient surgery to remove my ovaries. Everyone was so accommodating, friendly and professional. I’m a Masters prepared RN and was Chief of Quality Management at a large New York hospital for 5 years and I know quality, research-based care when I see it. I do not have one suggestion for improvement.

When my surgeon, Dr. Hay, came in to see me prior to surgery she brought with her the MD that would be assisting her (can’t remember her name) so I met everyone that was going to be operating on me. I really liked that. The anesthetist was excellent at explaining everything that was going to happen during and what to expect after the surgery. Everyone kept asking me if I had any questions but they explained things so well I seldom had one! A nurse not having any questions, that’s good! Anyway, my outcome of surgery was good and my experience at Bronson Methodist Hospital was excellent! My nurse was Sheryl and the tech’s were excellent.