I got pregnant the first month WITH TWINS!

Cierra Blaskie , Patient

I tried for years to get pregnant and I had Ob/GYN’s never give me the tools to help because I have Polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos) and getting pregnant on my own is nearly impossible. One day, someone told me about Dr. Siddiqui and how he provided the tools she needed to get pregnant. So I scheduled an appointment with him, hoping it didn’t pan out like every other time I had been to an OB for this problem. The FIRST visit he provided me with the proper medication to achieve this goal of becoming a mother! I did everything he said to do that first round (first month) on the medication and guess what? I got pregnant the first month WITH TWINS! He also delivered my twins via c-section and was great at that to! I appreciate Dr. Siddiqui so much and I’m so happy he’s my OB. I’ve never had better care from an OB.

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