I go to Bronson for everything and I am never disappointed.

Linda Pape, Patient

Linda Pape has always made it a priority to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Even at the age of 81, she remains a devoted gym member who consistently incorporates exercise into her daily life. Unfortunately, her active lifestyle had to be put on hold when she started to experience hip pain. After expressing her health concerns to friends with similar experiences, they suggested that she see an orthopedic specialist.

Linda made an appointment with her primary care physician, Dr. Heidi Griggs, who referred her to Dr. Bernard Roehr at Bronson Orthopedic Joint Specialists. In meeting with Dr. Roehr she discovered that there was very little cartilage in her right hip joint, causing bone-on-bone contact—the root of her pain. That was the bad news.  The good news for Linda was that hip replacement surgery would be an effective treatment for her pain.

Looking back on her surgery, Linda raved, “It couldn’t have gone any smoother. Dr. Roehr and all of Bronson’s staff were outstanding, nice and very accommodating.”

Within days of getting her new hip, Linda returned home and was pleased to be able to walk unassisted, without a cane or a walker.  To help increase her mobility, she followed exercises provided by Bronson Rehabilitation Services to help ensure a quick recovery.

Today, Linda is pain-free and back to enjoying trips to the golf course and attending water aerobics classes. She loves the freedom her new hip has given her, and truly appreciates that she no longer has to be fearful that her hip will start to hurt and interfere with her activities.

“I go to Bronson for everything,” Linda says. “And I am never disappointed.”

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