I found myself placed in the patient position this past week

Steve Smolinski, Employee

I found myself placed in the patient position this past week, I was in a bad place upon emergency room arrival.

I would like to thank Wesley, RN in the emergency department for being a rock-solid nurse, proactive, and thoughtful.

Thank you, Dena, RN from the float pool for your day in the admission unit.

Corrie M. RN, pre-op, thank you for taking the worry away from the uncertainty of surgery.

Dr. Avenar and Ryan Anderson, PA-C, Dr. Snoap, Dr. Mohammad, Dr. Pirzada, and Dr. Grossman. I felt very safe under all of your care, I appreciate your knowledge and energy. I can’t thank all of you enough, really.

The Ortho Surgical Unit nursing staff, PCAs, and housekeepers. I’m going to fall short on names, Haley, RN unit coordinator, Sam, RN, and Patricia, RN unit coordinator, just to name a few. You guys were working hard but never made me feel as though you had no time.

Being a patient leaves you quite vulnerable, it’s reassuring to know that there is a strong staff helping you toward positive outcomes.

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