I felt very well cared for and was never sick or in severe pain

Louise McCallum, Patient

On February 28, 2017 I had breast cancer surgery on my right breast. About 8 years  before I had the same lumpectomy on my left breast.  Dr. Nancy Kalinowski did both surgeries.  Both of these experiences and the treatment I received later were done so competently and kindly that I felt very well cared for and was never sick or in severe pain. The staff in the office always greeted me with smiles and kindness. The doctors took plenty of time with me explaining questions I had or just listening to my story.  Every nurse was so thoughtful and seemed to anticipate my needs before I knew what they were.

On top of all that great treatment, this last time I was aware of being very calm and serene. I was not nervous, or anxious or worried at all.  In fact, I felt like a warm blanket of love was wrapped around me from December 30, 2016 and well past my surgery date. I believe I was given the gift of knowing God’s presence by the Holy Spirit. I felt assured that no matter what happened in my medical case, God was there with me and would never leave me. I often reflect on that experience now and am very grateful.  When the smoke cleared away, I did not need chemo or ever radiation. My cancer was found so early, that it was very small and had not spread anywhere. I LOVE mammograms.  I am on Tamoxifen now for 5 years no, and I am one very happy woman.