I felt like I had been given my life back

Teresa Sanders, Patient

Finally a good doctor. It’s been a interesting and at times frustrating journey, but meeting Dr. Lager and Dr. Wysong, these two have almost renewed my faith in doctors. I came to Bronson after being very dissatisfied with another hospital and provider. My first 3 visits were not good with a primary and I left that doctor and found another, one I really like and doesn’t treat me badly.

Onward, Dr. Lager and Dr. Wysong figured out my problem and we got it fixed. I had hyperparathyrodism, a condition that often goes undiagnosed and caused me so many problems that I just was not able to be the me I had been. I had all the symptoms and Dr. Wysong, who is a great surgeon, removed 3 of my 4 parathyroids and I felt so much better, like I had been given my life back.

This was after I was told by a primary doctor that saw my blood test results that I did have hyperparathyroidism and then in the next visit tried to tell me I did not have it and that I was mentally unwell.

Once I was able to get away from that primary, I was able to get some good care. Do not stop advocating for yourself, if you think a doctor is not good for you get another one. If I had believed the primary doctor I would be heavily medicated and unable to work now.

Thank you Dr. Wysong and Dr. Lager for treating me well and caring about me.