I feel that she saved my life

Krista Moored, Patient

To whom it may concern-
I was admitted into Bronson 2 different times during the month of March. The first was March 8th. I came into the ER, the staff worked very quickly and did a good job evaluating my symptoms. They determined at that time I was dehydrated causing low blood pressure. They monitored my sodium and blood sugars and gave me saline/sodium via IV to regulate me. I stayed until March 10th. I felt better but still not 100%.

I was then admitted to Bronson 2 weeks later on March 22 via the ER for the same type of symptoms. I saw a couple of ER Drs. had blood work, ultrasound on my Gallbladder, and a chest Xray. I felt that they were taking all the right steps to evaluate and find out what was going on. I saw a PA from my Gastroenterology office while there and he wasn’t real sure it was my Gut that was causing my symptoms. Then I spoke with Dr Penny Rathburn!! Dr. Rathburn is an AMAZING Dr.!! Bronson should be very very proud to have her on staff. I don’t think I can say enough good things about her. She has a great ‘bed side manner’, she listens to you, and she doesn’t talk down to you. She evaluated me, and ran a simple test on me and bingo she found out what was wrong!! I feel that she saved my life. I had not felt good for a few years and now I finally have my life back and feel great. I owe that all to Dr. Rathburn. The only bad thing about all of this is, I can’t see Dr. Rathburn on an outpatient visit. I feel that Dr. Rathburn should be recognized for her knowledge, outstanding personality, and reassuring!!

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