I feel privileged to work for Bronson

Kiel Reidenbach

“I always knew I wanted to work as a nurse at Bronson,” explains Kiel Reidenbach, BSN, RN, CCRN, trauma and emergency nurse manager at Bronson South Haven. “I was able to get my foot in the door at Bronson Methodist Hospital as a CT assistant in 2005, and then moved into customer service and patient registration.” Then, with the help of tuition reimbursement, scholarships and a supportive team, he was able to work as a PCA, staff nurse and unit coordinator while earning his bachelor’s degree, and is now completing his master’s degree.

“Being able to graduate debt free from my master’s program is phenomenal.”
The price tag of going back to school can make it difficult for people to continue their education. However, Bronson is committed to ensuring employees have the resources and ability to provide exceptional healthcare experiences for every patient every time. To help employees stay up-to-date with their clinical skills and knowledge, Bronson offers benefits like tuition reimbursement, scholarships and more to help take the financial burden off employees.

“Since I started working on my bachelor’s degree, I have used tuition reimbursement to help cover some of the costs of school. Plus, since my mom works at Bronson, I received the Sons and Daughters Scholarship through the Bronson Health Foundation during my bachelor’s degree. For the past two years, I have also been a Nursing Scholarship recipient,” Kiel shared. “I’m getting ready to graduate with my master’s degree soon, and I am going to graduate without any debt from this degree, thanks to the help from Bronson. Plus, between my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I had my critical care nursing certification covered completely.”

“The culture at Bronson makes me proud.”
“I feel privileged to work for Bronson,” Kiel said. “Having a family and going back to school, life can get really busy. Having leadership and coworkers who are flexible and supportive is great.” Aside from the team support, Kiel is encouraged by Bronson’s forward-thinking mentality. “When I go to conferences, it always seems like Bronson is ahead of the game. Presenters will be talking about best practices and opportunities for improving patient care, and they are talking about things we already do here! It’s validation that we are headed in the right direction.”

Do you want to start a nursing career at Bronson?
We’re hiring!  Our healthcare system is comprised of more than 70 locations, including four hospitals, in southwest and south central Michigan. With nearly 846 licensed beds and approximately 2,000 nurses throughout the hospitals, we are committed to working together to provide excellent healthcare. Our values of integrity, patient and family centered care, teamwork, evidence-driven improvement, education and community commitment guide us. To learn more or apply, visit bronsonhealth.com/careers. This is your career, where will you take it?

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