I feel phenomenal.

Carol Sjoquist, Patient

Carol Sjoquist didn’t have time for hip pain. She ignored the ‘nasty pain’ so she could help plan her daughter’s wedding until she could not bear it anymore. After visiting here primary care provider, Jamie Chiles, NP, Bronson LakeView Family Care – Internal Medicine, X-rays showed damage to her hips. Carol’s daughter-in-law, Heather Sjoquist, an athletic trainer with Bronson HealthCare Midwest Sports Medicine, helped to schedule an appointment with Steven Kokmeyer, MD, also part of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Sports Medicine. She learned she would need both hips replaced.

Carol was hesitant to admit she was frightened – scared to death – of the procedure. However, after meeting Dr. Kokmeyer, she felt relief. “I felt very, very secure after my initial visit with Heather and Dr. Kokmeyer and knew he would take care of it.” After scheduling her surgery, the process was smooth. Carol attended the comprehensive joint replacement class which she refers to as the “new hip club meeting.” Led by orthopedic nurse navigator, Rebecca Bollinger, BSN, RN, ONC, Carol felt the class helped her better prepare for surgery. “Rebecca was excellent. She did a beautiful job relieving my anxiety.”

After surgery, Carol could not say enough good things about the nurses at Bronson Methodist Hospital’s Orthopedic Surgical Unit. “I felt a sort of sisterhood with my nurses,” she said, “I did not want to come home! They were kind, competent, friendly…absolutely unbelievable.” After she returned home, Carol and husband, Bill, said recovery was better than they imagined. She only used a walker for a week and was surprised how quickly her mobility returned. Five weeks post-surgery she has few limitations. “I just can’t cross my legs over one another”, she joked.

“I had a very positive experience. My best advice to others? Have no fear and do what they tell you to do.”

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