I feel like Dr. Nikkel saved my life

Michele Jones, Patient

I have been suffering from bilateral osteoarthritis of the knees for quite some time, to the point where I could understand why people get to a breaking point from the overwhelming and unrelenting pain. It was almost 2 years since I had been able to ride my horse, go camping, get my own groceries or basically do anything except go to work and go home. I went to one ortho dr who was so mean to me the minute he came in the door because I am overweight…he told me to go to the Mayo Clinic. Another ortho helped some with cortisone injections which was a great temporary fix but then it wasn’t. I was given Dr. Nikkel’s name by one of my clients who said he would help me. At this point I was skeptical but I made an appointment. OMG he is an amazing physician, I never felt like I wasn’t worth his time. Everyone from the front office to all of his staff are the nicest healthcare workers I have ever met. I want to include all the staff that took care of me at Lakeview Bronson in Paw Paw for the replacement surgery… what a great experience. I feel like Dr. Nikkel saved my life the minute he told me he would give me knee replacements. What a difference my life is with just the one being done and I am looking forward to having the second one done so my life can get back to my “normal”. My impending retirement will be the time of my life now.