I feel better than I have in years

Peter Roon, Patient

On May 30th, 2017 I had my left hip joint replaced by Dr. Roehr, with the Bronson Orthopedic and Joint Specialists – John St. My hip had been bothering me for over a year, and it had gotten to the point that I could hardly walk. Over the years I have had other surgeries and have always gone to Bronson Hospital to have them done. In fact, in my 64 years I have never had a doctor who was not associated with Bronson.

I was a little affaid of this hip procedure, but Dr. Roehr reassured me during my first appointment, that when the surgery was done I would be glad that I had it done. That ended up being an understatement. It is now over five months since I had the surgery and I feel better than I have in years. I no longer walk with a limp, and I’m now walking over a mile a day. Prior to the surgery I could not walk to the end of my driveway.

When people ask how my surgery went, I tell them that I have had teeth pulled that hurt much more than the surgery. Truthfully, I really did not experience pain from the time I walked to my hospital bed from the wheelchair (2 hours after surgery) till now. That’s right. The Bronson staff had me walking two hours after the surgery. Without pain. It’s unbelievable. If your hip is bothering you, do not hesitate. Call Dr. Roehr’s office and get it done. You will be glad you did!

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