I don’t know anyone who is doing a better job than Bronson.

Margie Cole, Patient

The first time I ever came to the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center it was 1990. I had colon cancer and had to have chemo for the whole year. Then in 1997, the cancer came back and I had to come in for regular check-ups. Today, I’m cancer free! However, I do still have to come back regularly for help with my blood levels. I used to have high levels of potassium. At times it was so bad that I couldn’t stand. Now, I’m treated for my low levels of magnesium.

Everyone here treats me so well, it is just absolutely fabulous. The nurses here, they don’t get enough praise for what they do, it is really something. I choose Bronson for the doctors and the nurses. I had a negative experience somewhere else, and I’m so glad I had the guts to change and come here. I’m at the Cancer Care Center every Friday, and I sit in the same chair every time. I feel like I own it! The Cancer Care Center team makes me feel so special. As soon as I get here, the TV is already on and they immediately bring me my blanket and a diet sprite, because they know those things make me comfortable With all their patients, they make us feel at home.

Even the volunteers, especially Mary, are such sweethearts. Mary runs around here just as fast as she can go, helping the patients and nurses and refilling supplies. I can’t say enough about the team here – they are really great.

I tell everyone that they won’t get better treatment anywhere else. I don’t know anyone who is doing a better job than Bronson. The doctors regularly call you to see how you are doing. I’ve never had that before. My kidney doctor, Dr. Manring, even once called me when he was on vacation to see how I was doing! All I can say is, put your faith in your doctors and nurses at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center. They are here to help!