I didn’t know this was something Bronson Battle Creek did

Heather Banning, Employee

I didn’t know this career fair partnership with the Battle Creek College Access Network was something Bronson Battle Creek did. When we were asked to do it, I wasn’t prepared that it was going to be this cool. When I was younger, when I thought of healthcare, I thought there were very few things you could do. I thought it was mostly bedside care and there weren’t a lot of specialties like surgery and obstetrics. I didn’t really think about all the careers there were.

It’s nice to have younger people come from the community to see what all is available. I think this is a great opportunity for them to find out it’s not just nursing. There’s so many other things they could be a part of.


*This story was gathered at Bronson Battle Creek during the Battle Creek College Access Network’s Sophomore Future Track Program, funded by the Battle Creek Community Foundation. The program partners several employers in the community to host more than 700 students at this one-day, hands-on, career exploration experience in a field of their interest. In 2019, Bronson welcomed 11 students and hosted career stations.

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